Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update: Baby Killdeer

The little killdeer eggs hatched last Thursday afternoon. By the next day, the babies were off the nest and everyone was out, doing what they do. J was gone over the weekend, so I visited the garden on Friday and again on Sunday by myself, to try and catch sight of those little birds. No luck. Hadn't heard from anyone else that they'd seen them either. I feared the worst, as I tend to do. J read that the babies leave the nest right away and head off to find their own food -- presumably though, the parents stay close to defend their little ones from evil-doers (like the Cooper's Hawk we spotted flying above yesterday). Well, good news people! J and I stopped at the garden last night, and of course, it took his keen birding skills to find our little feathered friends. We saw two of the four -- sorry, no pics of those -- scurrying around looking for dinner. The parents were indeed nearby, calling to each other about the predator in the area.


  1. I was out there this morning and did not see anything. Maybe the daytime is for flying?

  2. Did you look over between the giant leaf piles? I wouldn't have walked over there even though that's where the parents were -- it was Jas's idea to walk over there. The two we saw were scampering about, looking for critters.