Thursday, April 22, 2010


Can you see them?

These little ones hatched just hours before we snapped the picture. The mama did her best to distract us away from her nest, feigning a broken wing. We dutifully followed her to reinforce this strategy that has worked for her species for however many bazillion years. One little guy was already off the nest and running around. These three were still staying put though. Isn't it amazing how inconspicuous they are? While this nesting site seemed a little suspect at first, the benefit is now pretty clear.

Oh so sweet.


  1. I can't even see them really in the photo. Are they killdeer?

  2. Yes, they're killdeer. Did you click on the pic to make it bigger. That helps, but even then, they are so well hidden (and my little powershot isn't really cut out for closeups).