Monday, April 12, 2010


It's currently 81 degrees here, if you can believe that. P&D planted tomatoes and peppers over the weekend, thinking they were tempting fate, putting in those tender plants nearly a whole week before the frost-free date. Uh, no worries there. In fact, I think it was us who tempted fate by planting kale and arugula in mid-March. Who in their right mind does that in the south? Westerners and Yankees, that's who. I'm already writing off our first venture here and planning for the fall, when we'll direct seed and enjoy a first harvest in late January or early February. There. I guess I've convinced myself to be optimistic despite our first setback. On to the summer vegetables!


  1. Are they done for or just a little sad? Will they grow on their own again next fall, or will you need to re-plant them?

    You guys are still a success in my eyes--were it not for you, we wouldn't be planting anything.

    ...(queue "Wind Beneath My Wings")

  2. ... queue "Happy Together"... (you know that one, by the Turtles?)

    Alas... the kale will be done for good in this heat. We'll harvest the tiny little leaves, steam them up or something (wonder how they'll taste?) and freakin' move on. I am over kale. It's so last winter. I'm going to hope the best for the radishes and the beets and look ahead to the 17,000 mater and basil plants we have started from seed. Woohoo! Summer! bring it on!